The KARMA SHEMA DRAMA was written out of a desire to talk about what actually matters. Since 9/11 many see religion to blame for all the worlds woes. I wanted to remind us, as well as invite all on an exploration that I believe can change everything. My book focuses on the ancient Hebrew tradition called ‘SHEMA’ and explores opportunity for fresh expressions.

SHEMA is the hebrew word meaning – hear. In the SHEMA God calls His people to love Him with all that they are. That love then flows outward to others, it is to be taught in a diligent manner to the next generation, conversed about daily and to be creatively expressed at all times.

This website has been developed as a platform for online collaboration in SHEMA. That together we may find new ways to inspire love in a society that desperately needs it. The opposite of love is indifference, maybe that is why so many are done with spirituality.

Come let us explore together, you can purchase a copy of the KARMA SHEMA DRAMA book from this website. But feel free to sign up and share your SHEMA.

Kindest regards,

Andy Gray


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