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SHEMA for me comes at an important time in my Christian walk. I noticed that my upbringing in Church, familiarity with scripture and basic understanding of key doctrine kept me ‘comfortable’ and ‘content’ in the Kingdom. My yearning and desire for God lost its zeal – I believed I loved Him; but not with all of my heart, not with all my soul and definitely not with all my might. My love for God was sometime-ish, I loved Him – when I needed His help, I wanted to spend time with Him- when I had used up all other options. In today’s terminology my relationship with God was like that of a side-chick. No romance, no intimacy, no depth. Just used for the fulfilling of my needs and little else. I was my own idol. I wanted what was best for me and I was pretty sure I knew what that was.

Being in love with my husband I understand the importance of communication and quality time. I get excited about seeing him, thinking about him brings me joy, I am willing to sacrifice other pleasures for time together and out of my love comes many surprises; to make him smile. (Usually in the form of homemade white chocolate chip cookies, shortbread biscuits, Oreo cupcakes and other baked delights) Other people notice the change in me because of our love. They witness and benefit from the joy of our relationship (and fill their stomachs with baked treats). This intimacy and exclusivity was lacking in my relationship with God.

I recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. During my pregnancy I experienced cravings for certain foods, some of which I hadn’t eaten since childhood but the intensity of the need was unquenchable. I HAD to have it. Now! (Please husband I love so dearly) #MumLife. This burning desire is reflective of how I want to hunger and thirst for God.

SHEMA instructs us to love God with all our heart, soul and might. (Insert Gospel trap music backing track… I luh God… You don’t luh God? What’s wrong witchu?) Thank you Erica Campbell. Scripture says we love God because He first loved us, so what’s wrong with us (me specifically.. I’m talking about me guys) is that we are not abounding, accessing and experiencing the fullness of God’s love.

This week I have been studying John 17 – (great scripture, check it out if you can) and have been challenged and convicted to address what I’m lacking.  Verse 13 in the Amplified Version states:

“That they may experience my delight fulfilled in them, that My enjoyment may be perfected in their own souls, that they may have my gladness within them, filling their hearts.”

Awesome right? Delight. Enjoyment. Gladness.

Psalm 16:11

“in your presence there is fullness of joy;
    at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”

Where do we find the most pleasure? In God’s presence? Or in food, football, shopping, sleeping, gaming… (Insert own delight here).

I want to be closer to God, to enjoy Him, to be drenched in His love that my love may abound and impact those around me. I’m practically and purposefully working on building and strengthening my relationship with God so I can live SHEMA. I’ll keep you posted on my progress 😉


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